Award-winning initiatives


The Recyclate Initiative has received the ECR Award, German Packaging Award and the Federal Ecodesign Award. Industry affiliates and consumers have praised the partners' efforts in upcycling household PET waste in a unique value chain.

The Recyclate Initiative's concept is based on the components of high-tech innovation, the Cradle-to-Cradle principle, upcycling, new processes and formulas, cooperation and the idea of "open innovation" in which everyone can get involved.The new formula for the PET material has to meet demanding usage requirements with regard to form, function and feel. The challenge lies in creating a product appearance that is unchanged at first glance, an important aspect in consumers' acceptance. The development's market readiness has been proven. To date Frosch cleaning products have been put into packaging made of 100 percent used plastic containing 20 percent PET recyclates from the Yellow Bag and sold on the market.


 Awards for the Recyclate-Initiative


ECR award

ECR-Award from
GS1 Germany

for Efficient Consumer Response. The ECR award honors ideas and innovations from companies that collaborate with partners across the value chain to develop products and/or processes which focus on customer orientation and a sustainable economy. In September 2014 the Recyclate Initiative received the ECR Award for cooperating with partners to optimize the value chain.The renowned prize was presented at a festive event in Nuremberg with about 400 guests from top management of leading industrial and commercial companies in attendance.


Verpackungspreis 2016


Packaging Award

The international cross-industry and materials competition for the German Packaging Award is held every year with the goal of recognizing futuristic solutions and developments in packaging. Since 1963 an independent jury has made annual awards in five categories. The German Packaging Institute (DVI) is the organizer of the German Packaging Award. Many representatives of business and politics attended the ceremony for the award, which is under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel. Of the 230 submissions from 10 countries, 61 were nominated and 29 innovations were honored. The packaging award for the Recyclate Initiative honors the consistent implementation of a sustainability strategy for recycled PET with the goal of doing without virgin PET entirely using instead recycled PET obtained from the B2B area and the Yellow Bag collection system.



 ECO Preis


Ecodesign Award

Since 2012 the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency have presented the Federal Ecodesign Award annually to make the public aware of the potential contribution of ecodesign to environmental protection and to encourage innovation in this area. The Federal Ecodesign puts environmental assessment and design evaluation on equal footing and recognizes products, services and concepts which are distinguished by outstanding ecological quality, an innovative approach and exceptional design. In 2014 the Federal Ecodesign Award went to the Recyclate Initiative for particularly innovative and sustainable packaging design. Federal Environment Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks presented the highly respected prize to Reinhard Schneider in Berlin.






"We are delighted with the recognition that this respected prize brings," said Reinhard Schneider, Werner & Mertz CEO, at the award ceremonies in Nuremberg and Berlin. "We hope that it will publicize our cause and help us to gain more partners in the Recyclate Initiative and attain more sustainability in packaging."